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How it works

Step 1

Find your service provider in the search field up top.

Step 2

You’ll need your contract or customer number.

Step 3

We create a 100% legally sound cancelation letter for you.

Step 4

We send your cancellation letter to the service provider. Done.

Why use

We protect your good mood.

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Using to terminate your contracts
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What people say about us

I just got tired of dealing with call centers. Every time I called, they try to talk me into a new contract  I just wanted to get out. finally did it. Jennifer, Boise

Dealing with my insurance provider during work hours was a no-go. I still needed to get that cancellation out. That’s when I used this service. Thanks again. LaDania, Shreveport

I wondered why I paid for two car insurances eventhough I only have one car. Old leftover from the ex-wife. A quick stop over here fixed the issue. Mike, NYC

I used to get rid of all my subscriptions before I went overseas. It was a real time saver for me. The price is great. Its quick too. Lance, Omaha

* [peanut] 1 Anything, esp. a business venture, which is unimportant, insignificant, or small. → 2 A small amount of money, esp. a small profit.

Harold Wentworth & Stuart Flexner, Dictionary of American Slang (1960)